Need your radio commercial produced?  Perhaps you want to turn your book into an audiobook.  With over twenty years as an On-Air talent, copyrighting, and production, Wolfgang has the talent and expertise needed for your product.


“What’s Up Winnemucca” Interview


Do you need help marketing your small business?  Whether it’s on social media, website design, or putting together a radio campaign that is cost-efficient and effective, he can help.

Restaurant Consulting

With over 20 years in the restaurant business, Wolfgang can teach your FOH staff how to stop being just servers or bartenders but how to be effective and efficient salespeople.

Find your talents and capitalize on them.

You get to a point in your life where the above statement holds truer than ever.  You shouldn’t waste time strengthening your weaknesses until you have capitalized on your strengths.

Wolfgang has spent his life with an insatiable thirst for knowledge.  Throughout it, he has taught himself website design, audio production, and restaurant management, among other skills.  He has recently added teaching English to his arsenal.  Most of his skills are self-taught.

Next Steps…

Can Wolfgang be the voice for your next commercial or audiobook?  Or maybe you need his expertise with social media and putting together a radio campaign that is cost-efficient and effective for your small business.  Need him to teach your restaurant staff how to be awesome salespeople?  Contact him by clicking on the link below.