Welcome to Version a thousand point oh.

I have had a website for a while now and it has gone through many different iterations.  I also have an online journal that I update about once a year or so.  I have decided to finally focus on this site and with that include a blog.  Frequency?  Content?  Still not sure.

The problem is that I have a million different project ideas that I am working on all at once.  Unfortunately, rarely do any of them come to fruition.  This has been an ongoing battle for me for many many years now.  I figure blogging here is a way to keep myself organized.

If you don’t know me yet my name is Wolfgang.  If you read the bio, you already know a little more about me but basically, I have been doing radio since 1995 whether full-time or part-time.  I have also always kept my toes in the water as far as the restaurant business as well.

So what am I working on now?

Well, I am currently getting my TEFL certification in order to teach English to students in Cali, Colombia.

Other projects:

  • A book to teach people in the Service Industry how to make more money without doing any extra work.  There are tried and proven tactics that I taught myself throughout my twenty-five plus years in the restaurant industry to increase sales without any extra work.
  • Increase online presence for small businesses in the area I am living in.  While Colombia is a very modern country, it’s unfortunate that a lot of the small businesses in Cali aren’t in tune to the power of social media and how it can generate revenue for them.  I have partnered up with a group that hopes to fix that.
  • Podcasts:  I have two ideas in mind for podcasts.  First, as an Ex-pat I thought it would be interesting to interview other Ex-pats and hear their story.  Second, I have been fortunate enough throughout my life to meet some pretty amazing people and am planning on interviewing them to shar their stories as well.

Thanks for reading and if you know any person or business that could use my services, please send them here.


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