Restaurant Consulting

Wolfgang began his restaurant career as a bartender in New Orleans at a restaurant called Houston’s.  He was particularly excited to get the job because it seemed as if they only hired the “pretty people”.  If you have met Wolfgang, you know he isn’t really all that “pretty”.  Even if he had full-time employment in another industry, he always kept a part-time gig in the restaurant industry because he truly enjoyed it.

Fast forward to 2005 when Hurricane Katrina came through New Orleans.  Wolfgang ended up losing his full-time radio gig, his vehicle, and his apartment.  Living in a FEMA trailer, he made the decision to head back to South Florida to pick up the pieces.  He ended up getting a bartending job in Hollywood Beach but this time around he approached it with a completely different mindset.  After having spent some time doing radio sales, he taught himself different tactics to being more of a salesperson behind the bar versus a bartender.

Using those tactics he taught himself, he began teaching them to his staff upon becoming a manager at that restaurant.  These tactics include learning the timing of when to suggest add-on items (appetizers, for example) and increasing his sales by upselling on drinks and how to sell more desserts.

He came to realize that as a bartender or server he was basically working on commision which varied from 0% to 25%.  In order to give himself a raise, he taught himself these tactics and shared them with all of the staff he trained afterward.

Are you “In the Biz”?  Are you a restaurant owner or manager and would like Wolfgang to teach your staff how to become Rock Star salespeople?  Contact Wolfgang to find out more.